Graphics card noise issues!

Well my card is making an endless hissing sound. It does shut off rarely(doesn't seem to matter if I'm playing games or at my desktop. Ive taking the card out to pinpoint if that is what was making the sound and it is. I've stopped the fan w/ a pen to see if that was the cause and it is not. It still makes the sound. Has anyone else experienced this? Is my card about to die? I feel like it is. Its only about a year old and sadly I don't believe I have any of the stuff I'd need to exchange it(my own fault I know!) Anyways just wanna know if I need to shop around or if there is some magical cure! Thanks! Forgot to mention its a 9800gt nividia 1g ddr3 card if that helps! BFG
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  1. So the card is making a hissing sound that isn't being caused by the fan?

    Either you have miniature snakes in your card or something is seriously wrong, have you tried updating to the latest drivers?

    Failing that, try out a friends graphics card known to work and see how that fares in your system. If the hissing stops then you can attribute it solely to your card.

    Are you getting artefacts on your screen (red lines, pink dots or other related things).
  2. Sounds like Coil Whine to me, I've got it with one of my GTX570's.

    Sound like this?
  3. Haha wow that's quite funny! But i can imagine how annoying it would be!

    Apparently it isn't damaging the system so its a case of whether you can stand the noise or not.
  4. Yeah, believe me, it really IS annoying, I've tried to build a very quiet PC, but now I have this high pitched whine whenever I stress one of the 570's.... Its a minor fault and like you said doesn't do any harm. Just annoying.
  5. I apologize for not responding sooner and for forget to mention A)Have the proper power going to my computer B)Yes drivers are up to date. Not quite that sound(in response to the video) but like I said i've taken the card out and the sound stops. I actually took out the power supply and replaced it w/ another for testing purposes. When the cards back in the sound comes back. I did stop the cards fan with a pen to see if the noise would stop and its still there. The noise literally starts when I start the computer and has gone away VERY rarely(sometimes even during 3d gaming) So there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it that I can see right now. Anyways Thanks for the responses. Very helpful community!
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