What card can i run with 880g chipset in hybrid crossfire

What graphics card is compat with the 880G chipset for hybrid crossfire? Will it give a boost?
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  1. Hybrid Crossfire isn't recommended for gaming because it won't give you a huge performance boost in performance;furthermore,you can only use Hybrid Crossfire with a low-end discrete card so getting a single fast card is a far better choice for gaming.
  2. Actually I think it is still only the HD 3470 or 3450 that is able to use hybrid crossfire. I think AMD is wasting their time and money putting that crap on their motherboards.

    I'm an AMD fan but everyone knows this is basically a useless technology.
  3. yea.. pretty sure even a 4670 would outpace hybrid xfire enough that it'd be useless
  4. Don't even bother as it is pointless like hybrid sli. Get your self a decent card or the best that you can afford. It is not worth the money, it is not worth your time, and it is not worth the effort even looking into it unless to learn. I have learned a few lessons the hard way.
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