First homebuild, thoughts?

ive never done anything like this before but want to do it on my own because it seems i will be saving nearly 30% by doing it myself rather then getting it pre built by a company like cyberpower.

cooler master haf 912

intel i5 2500ks

cooler master V8

Asus sabertooth p67

Corsair dominator 8gb

evga gtx 470 normal

Corsair 550vx

Intel 120gb 510

killer 2100

Samsung t240 monitor (already have this)


This is going to be mostly a work comp, for that i needed the 2nd gen i5+ and sata III ssd. The gaming aspect will just be for fun when i have the free time.

I have no intentions to overclock ever, i may do SLI in the future.

What other items will i need for physically building the computer?

are the motherboard and power supply ok?

any place i can save money?
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  1. made a few changes to my build above, going with the GTX 570 instead of the 470

    and decided to change the ram from the corsair to these gskill ripjaws

    Im thinking based on what i have read that 550w corsair above will barely be enough to run the gtx 570 and definetly not enough for the SLI mode in the future so i need a recommendation on a psu that will be good for the 570s in sli.

    Also i have seen in some other comments on here that there is a build guide for constructing a new PC but i cannot find it in the search function if anyone can give me a link.

    also didnt mention in first post:

    LG Blu-ray writer
    western digital caviar black 640gb 64mb cache sata III data drive
    win 7 home 64 bit
  2. If youre thinking of SLI'ing somewhere down the line then i would suggest a 750w PSU, probably along the lines of a Corsair 750tx. If you have no intentions of overclocking EVER then there is absolutely no point in you getting either the 2500k (just get the normal i5 2500) nor is there any point in you getting an aftermarket cooler as powerful as the V8. Get something like the coolermaster hyper 212+ or even just stick with the stock cooler. Heres my take on your build:

    CPU: i5 2500

    CASE: Cooler Master HAF 912

    CPU COOLER (optional as you arent going to overclock): Cooler Master hyper 212+


    RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB)1600mhz cas9, 1.5v

    VIDEO CARD (i looked at that 470, sure its cheap but its been recertified {broken and 'fixed' by newegg} and most of the feedback has been about them blowing up or shutting down and powering off) this card comes with a $20 mail in rebate so is cheaper, more power efficient, cooler, quieter and more powerful than the gtx 470 sli when crossfired

    PSU: Antec TruePower New TP-750 750W

    HARD DRIVES: I dont think you'll fit everything on your SSD, so ill go with an SSD and an HDD for main storage of movies etc. Use your SSD for Windows and important things that you want to load quickly
    Running two 64gb SSD's in RAID 0 will be cheaper and faster than the one 128gb SSD

    A-DATA 64gb SSD x2 (these are used in Toms Hardware system builder competitions)

    Western Digital Caviar Blue 500gb 7200rpm SATAIII

    OPTICAL DRIVE: you didnt put this on the list but i thought id include one anyway
    LG Black 22X DVD+R 8X DVD+RW 12X DVD-RAM 16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-R 32X CD-RW 48X CD-ROM 2MB Cache SATA DVD±RW SuperMulti Drive

    NETWORK CARD: Vision Tek Bigfoot Killer 2100

    $1250.89 (not including P&H)
    Hope this helps :)
  3. haha that post took me ages so i didnt notice your second post, change the build around as you wish but the 750w psu is plenty for either the 570 or 6870 (570 is more powerful but costs more)
  4. Check out my budget build in mah siggy. :D
  5. thank you aznshinobi that wil lbe very helpfull when its time to build.

    I said i would never overclock but now it turns out that may be a lie. Im learning every minute pouring over this forum and feedback on newegg for different parts.

    im now seriously looking at the msi twin frozen gtx 560ti

    apparently this card overclocks very well and seems to be bad ass all around for price,performance, cooling and size.

    so im stiill going to stick with the i5-2500k.

    Like i said before i know nothing about these motherboards so im going to look at that option listed above.

    I dont mind the price of the intel 510 120gb ssd, going to stick with that as well and will definetly change to that 500gb hard drive for my data stuffs.
  6. ^ THat is correct. 510 is a terrible deal when there are SSD's like this around the corner.,2869.html

    510 vs Vertex 3 reviewed:,2881-10.html

    Conclusion: "Intel’s SSD 510 costs more and it can serve up better sequential numbers than Vertex 3. However, it’s actually slower than its predecessor in situations where you’re working with lots of small files. The applications where this 250 GB drive makes sense are fairly clear cut. But again, it looks like you’d get a better all-around experience from OCZ’s Vertex 3 when it becomes available."

    As for the Twin Frozr, it defiantly is one of the better 560's out there, it wouldn't be bad should you go that route.

    Asrock Extreme4 P67. All you need to know.

  7. OK revamped build without links:

    Cooler master HAF 922
    Gigabyte p67 listed above or asrock extreme4 (not in stock and may not be replaced on newegg)
    ocz vertex 3 120gb when its released
    western digital 500gb sataIII
    MSI 560 ti twin frozr
    corsair vengeance 8gb 1600 ram
    cooler master V8
    XFX 750W psu
    LG 10x blu-ray burner
    killer 2100 card

    I have 1 month until i buy these parts as im out of the u.s for work and will be purchasing them when i get home. hopefully this will be enough time for the vertex 3 to come out and to see if the asrock extreme4 is available again.

    The only things i wont be buyng in the u.s are the tower, cpu cooler, psu and blu ray burner because they are too large and heavy to carry in my luggage when i make the return to mexico for work. I have found local resellers that stock those items at a slightly higher markup.

    The cpu,gpu, ram SSd,hdd, and game card are all going to have to fit in my luggage and hopefully nothing breaks and i dont get stopped by customs!! haha. If they find that stuff ill get raped on tax for sure.

    I could buy everything here in mexico but a lot of it is marked up way to much like the i5-2500k is 224 on newegg and 400 from the resellers here.
  8. Samsung F3 1TB is a better deal SATA III HDDs are useless because from SATA II to 3 there is virtually no visible real world difference. Samsung F3 1TB is cheaper and bigger.

    Get the Hyper 212+ instead.
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