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Huh, I'm finally finishing my build. My last problem is Power Supply. So here is my build:
Intel Core i7 2600k
MSI P67A-C43
4GB DDR3 1600mhz
Nvidia GTX 560 HAWK
Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB
DVD Burner
HAF 912 Case
Now I'm thinking will Cooler Master GX 650w power supply do the job for this build? Or should I go for Cooler Master SILENT PRO 500W. I'm currently on chieftec 500w power supply and the porblem is that I don't have 2 6-pin power connectors, and also I am affraid that this power supply is not capable of running my build (right now it's running everything that I wrote except GTX 560(9800GT is running now)). So I want your oppinion please. And sorry for my bad English.
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  1. Cooler master GX650 is not good PSU
    from here :

    And recommend M12II-620 Bronze and GTX 560 minimun requirement PSU is 500W
  2. Ok thanks for your reply. Now form other review I assumed that GX 650w PSU is not good, but I just want to be shure. Next im my country there is no large selection of PSU. Cooler master is the most common manufacture, but I saw some 650w OCZ PSU. Don't know the model yet but what you think about OCZ PSU. Are they worth of money? Thank in advance!
  3. Yeah Ocz 650 80+ silver with warranty lifetime is better than gx650 .. it's ok
  4. Thank you!
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