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I have just recently built a computer out of parts from some older computers. I know the mobo used to have a videocard in it, but now i am trying to use on board video. When i hooked up everything my monitor gets no signal from either dvi or vga.

All my fans come on, and so do the leds. My mobo doesn't have a speaker, just a green led which stays solid. Also my keyboard does not get power as far as i can tell.

I have read the two threads about not getting video from new builds and tried almost all of the suggestions. I have reset the jumpers, unpluged the battery unhooked everything except essentials and still nothing used all different combos or the ram i have and nothing works.

AMD althon 64 X2 6400
Asuss M3A78-EM mobo
cosair 650 TX
some random cosair ram that used to be used on this mobo
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  1. Are you sure all the parts work?
  2. they used to work. They were all in working condition before i tore it down.
  3. Hove you check the bio?
  4. Work through the "System Won't Boot" checklist in the sticky and let us know if that works. You'll also find a link for breadboarding, which you could also try.
  5. I remember encountering some bios setting such as enable onboard graphics and onboard soundcard. Althought I do not have the same mobo you got here.
  6. i can't check the bios..... i can't get a display. I am not going to take apart my current rig to try to fix this old one. I figured there is a way to set the mobo to default without being able to see anything. I thought that is what resting the jumpers did.
  7. Yes, that should be the clear CMOS jumper. Everything's connected, right?
  8. like power cables? yeah, and i highly doubt the psu is bad i have never had problems with corsair. This mobo only has a 4 pin cpu power i don't know if it matters which one of the plugs i use coming from the psu, but i have used both.

    And yes my monitor works, i am using it on my other rig right now.
  9. OK, try disconnecting every non-essential thing for it to POST. DVD drives, HDD's, gfx cards, etc. Also try with just with one stick of RAM, testing each stick.
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