my computer is a few years old now and I need a cheap upgrade . I currently have 2x2GB sticks of Crucial Ballistix and my CPU is an Intel Core2 Duo E6750 2.66GHz (OCed to ~3000 MHz). will replacing the 2 crucial sticks with 2x4GB of something else bottleneck the memory/CPU (or FSB even)?
Also I'm having trouble finding out exactly what configuration the sticks need to be. Can I actually install 2x4GB or does it need to be 4x2GB modules. Also what is the fastest speed memory the motherboard can handle?

Edit: can I actually install two more of the exact same Ballistix modules that I already have installed, to make up the 8GB? I have two spare slots but memory is always a pain to get working right.
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  1. Start here:

    You can go 8GB max (4x2GB). There is also the CPU support list. You can go religiously by the memory list, but I'd use the 2 more Ballistix since they are currently working fine.
  2. Get 2 more of the exact same ram and call it a day. I would think 4x2gb of 800mhz would be the most common configuration, and it should work with no issues.
  3. Thank you both!! Crucial don't stock the old ballistix that I have now. Think I should be able to find it somewhere online though, starting with amazon or ebay even. I'll make sure the specs are identical, as the last time I tried something similar with geil black dragon ended in windows not booting.

    Thanks again! :)
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