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ok so i got 16gigs of ddr3 1600 ram. obviously it wont run striaght at 1600 so i upped it to 1600 in bios and bam failed overclock. my monitor wouldnt even recognize a signal from my gpu so i had to isntall old ram again and reset back to 1333. so now im running the new memory at 1333 but i would like to run it at 1600 any sugestions as to maybe how to change timing speeds or what not to make it work?
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  1. What speed does your motherboard support? You may need to up the voltage a bit if the motherboard is good for 1600.
  2. it needs 1.5v its at 1.5 on mobo and mobo supports 1600 i was running 4gigs before at 1600
  3. It works with all the RAM at 1333 speeds? Check with the motherboard support site if that's the case, maybe need a BIOS update.
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