Best Power Supplie?

i dont no which is the best power supplie for my pc,
my spec:
i7 2600k @4mhz
asus maximus 4 extrem
8GB g.skill 2133MHz
asus gtx 570 dc2
haf x
2 hdd drives
enermax 525 pro82+

i wont to add another 570gtx and OC it + give to my cpu more OC and add ssd drive too.
wich power supplie is the best choice for me ?
thx for the help
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  1. You need a good 750 watt or above PSU. How much budget do you have?
  2. i have unlimited budget can you suggest me on a specific one ?
  3. This will do it for you -

    Alternatively you can go all guns blazing and get one from two of the best 1200W PSU's available -
  4. +1 on the Seasonic PSU.
  5. thx allot for the answer !!!
    which is bather SeaSonic or CORSAIR ?
  6. kaputcom said:
    thx allot for the answer !!!
    which is bather SeaSonic or CORSAIR ?

    Both are equally good. Seasonic makes their own PSU's and often for others as well (including Corsair). Thus it scores a point extra over Corsair here. Corsair units though are slightly cheaper but of equivalent quality and performance. Basically, you can't go wrong with either.
  7. if you are on a budget but wanted a very good quality hi wattage psu, i suggest you go for the FSP everest 800w. check it out, its really cheaper than any 800w corsair & seasonic but its as good as any high end psu out there. you wont go wrong with that psu.
  8. thx allot for the help !!! i think im going to tack the corsair 1200W
  9. Assuming a 100% load utilization and generous allowance for additional devices (six fans, an extra PCI card, overclock, four USB devices, and four ram DIMMs), you are looking at a MAX draw of 650w.

    That would be simultaneously pushing your CPU and GPU to their limits, which would never happen outside of a linpack and GPU test at the same time.

    However, if you add a second GTX 570 (SLI), your power consuming jumps to 850w, which is probably the line of thinking of people suggesting a PSU over 1000w.

    However, if you have no plans on going SLI, a 750w PSU will serve you fine.

    Just remember, total wattage is not the most crucial factor when picking out a PSU, but total voltage available on the +12V, +5V, and +3.3V rails.
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