ASRock H61M/U3S3 abnormally long splash/screen boot time.

I built a new pc for a co-worker and used an "ASRock H61M/U3S3" with an i5-2400 processor. When ever it is powered on the splash screen is shown for a long time, I haven't left it on to know exactly how long it will stay on there out of impatience. Longest i have waited is 15 minutes. To get it to go into the post screen then to the windows boot screen it has to be powered down and turned back on until it boots properly. The pc does have the ASUS instant boot utility, could this possibly be causing some issue? Or what else can i try to get it to boot properly. I have gone as far as reinstalling operating system, moving memory, and switch the sata port the Hdd is connected to.

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  1. you should disable splash screen in boot options in bios to know where it gets stuck

    i think it could be a problem with hdd but i can't say for sure

    try entering bios, reset it to defaults, then enter boot menu, disable splash screen and if it's still doing that, post what is the last thing written on the screen

    edit: instant boot has nothing to do with not being able to get past post screen (it basically switches shutdown function with hibernate of some sort)
  2. Tried that, Now instead of hanging on the logo screen it is hanging on a Pre-Post screen, which has " Version 2.0.xxxxx Copyright 20xx American Megatrends, Inc." in the upper left hand corner, and "B4" in the lower right. It sat there for about 5 minutes this morning before it continued to go through the post screen then the windows loading screen.
  3. Im having the same issue. Just built this computer this weekend. Haven't seen anyone else with the same issue. Im using a sata3 harddrive, that's the only somewhat abnormal thing in my build. Did you resolve the issue? Sometimes it boots up just fine. Other times it takes 5 min. And even a few times I waited up to 30min then reset and it booted right away after. I debating if i should update the bios but the listed changes that I've seen do not mention this.
  4. I have not resolved the issue yet. My next step was to update bios and see if it alleviated the issue. I just haven't done it yet.
  5. I'm having same issues. I tried updating the BIOS but I couldn't get the comp to recognize the flash drive while in the boot menu so I gave up and going to try again later.

    have you found a fix yet?
  6. I've been at college so i havent had time to try anything. Im going to update the bios now. And ill post my results.
  7. Just updated to 1.80 i think i was at 1.30 maybe? But now after update everything works perfect. Very smooth update just drop it on a USB and use the instant flash utility. Heres the link for the bios.
  8. I had the same problem with the z77 Fatal1ty Professional. I updated the bios and it did not help. I had to RMA the board (as per recommendation from the Microcenter staff, where I got it) for a new one and it worked like a charm.
  9. I have your answers for this issue, though your question was 3 years ago.

    I built my PC 4 years ago (2011), and the problem only happened today. After I opened up case, use CLRCMOS cap to short Pin2-3 for 5 sec (please disconnect power cord for at least 15 sec first), I was able to get back to BIOS/UEFI normally. Then I started fine-tuned the settings one by one for several times, I realized "Legacy USB3.0 support" (under USB Configuration) remains 'disable' would solve this issue.

    Now I have my DDR-1333 Kingston 8Gb Dual Channel set, S.M.A.R.T HDD enabled, AHCI support for both SATA2(320Gb HDD) and SATA3(Plextor M6s 128G SSD) enabled. Win7x64 runs perfectly.

    Disable splash screen would lead you to "Version 2.0.xxxxx Copyright 20xx American Megatrends, Inc." in the upper left hand corner, and "B4" in the lower right, and just stall there, and I can't be bothered waiting for 15min/30min.

    I haven't checked my BIOS version, but I haven't flashed my BIOS since 2011. But it works perfectly now. So I guess I won't flash yet unless it's a must for now. Flashing to new BIOS could lead to other new issues, and I chose to stick to the old one since it's working fine for 4 years.

    ASMedia is the chip for USB3.0 and SATA3-addon for this motherboard, I guess this Chip is not working properly after 4 years... but USB3.0 usb drive works fine in Windows environment. And I guess it should work fine with USB2.0 port while installing win7 with my USB3.0 drive. I'll try and report back in 15min time.

    If you wanna discuss this further, you may write to my email cos I won't come back this forum after tomorrow.
  10. Yes, I'm back after 15 min, I was able to boot up my Sandisk Z80 64Gb USB3.0 by pressing F11 boot-menu, successfully tried load up Acronis 2014 in boot-up mode, image(TIB) recover function works perfectly; Win7x64 install loading works fine, one more step to format my Win7, but I didn't do it.

    Win7x64 environment works fine with this drive too.

    Finally, I checked my BIOS version was OLD OLD OLD 1.2 version. The oldest bios version you could get through ASROCK website is 1.7.

    That's it for today's troubleshooting after 2.5 hours. God speed to your problem!
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