Mysterious High Pitched Screech When Idle

Dear all,

I truly really appreciate your expert help and advice regarding a strange problem that I am about to describe.

My newly built system is continuously whining in a high pitch. This high pitched noise becomes evident after Windows 7 is booted.

The whine is extremely high pitched (like that of a CRT TV). More bizarrely, the whine disappears when the system is under heavy usage. For example, whenever I run the "BurnInTest" 3D Graphics Stress Test, "BurnInTest" CPU Coverage test, the Passmarks 3DMark Test, or the AtiTool Spinning Cube Test, the high pitched noise disappears. Nevertheless, the high pitched squeal returns when the tests are stopped. Additionally, this high pitched noise does not occur in BIOS.

Is it possible that the PSU is the cause of this mysterious problem?

Below are the specs of my computer system.

ASUS P8H67-M Motherboard
Intel i7 2600
4GB Kingston RAM
1TB Seagate Barracuda
AYWUN 650W PSU (80plus)

I would truly appreciate it if you could please let me know the likely cause of this strange high pitched noise, and how I can go about fixing this problem.

Thank you so much for your kind help and advice!
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  1. Might be coil whine.

    Use an empty paper towel tube to your ear to localize the sound so that you can determine which component (e.g. PSU or graphics card) is causing the noise.
  2. welcome to the forums, newcommer!

    the problem might be the cpu fan. As the fan throttles up, the noise is inaudible. When the fans aren't need to a great extent - the fans grind away at the bearings...i HOPE i've made sense (i think) :)
  3. I had the exact same problem with my system, i stripped the pc just to check the motherboard wasnt shorting out on the case this was clear, also went around every single fan whilst the system was on with the high pitched noise and briefly stopped the fan to rule out any suspect fans also the one in the psu. Mine also only made the noise after a certain load was being used , so i tried using a desktop fan directly into the case whilst the noise was there and like magic the noise dissapeared but not for good :s so next thing was the graphics card jst put an old one in and still the same. I then replaced the psu and hey presto problem solved . It seems as soon as a certain load was reached on the psu the high pitched noise started which apparently is an indication a component is on its way out or shorting :) hope that helps
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