Need a little help on cpu/mother board idea

Hello all right now I am running a i7 920@266 in my pc its my old dell xps 9000 motherboad which as you know is locked and can't be overclocked. I have 9GB ram at 1066 and a seagate 7200 rpm HDD, a 750w corsaire PSU and a GTX 580.

Now my question is for speed of loading games and of overall pc speed which one of the following optons is the most cost effective bang for the buck I'll add the estimated cost beside each from parts I picked off the egg

1. Add a 128GB SDD used for OS booting and the odd game (MB only supports SATA II so all the speeds off the SATA III SSDs well be down) and SATA 2 drives are very close in price to 3 so might as well go for 3. ($225)

2.Replace the motherboard with one that can be overclocked and overclock my cpu. ($200)

3. Replace mother board and get a i7 2600k and some faster ram ($600 thats with G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 12GB (3 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 the MB and the 2600k)

4. replace motherboard get i7 2600k keep my old ram and get a ssd for OS and some games ($725)

5.Replce MB get the 2600k and 12GB faster Ram and a 128GB SSD and down the line drop in a 2nd 580 for sli ($825 without the 2nd GX 580 of course)

Just wanted too see whats the most effective way to boost the speed of cpu and hdd all while keeping the the idea of in 2-3 years from now the system still be great just by adding another gtx580 in sli.

of couse the best is the i7 2600k with ssd and new motherboard and the full works lol I'd think but maybe not the wisest route to take if for less cost I get the same or close out come.

If its any help right now my ram is 6 sticks goes 2,1,2,1,2,1
My WEI is HDD 5.9 GPU 7.9 and rest 7.3-7.4
My monitor is a DELL U2410 1920x1200 and I like to play every thing on the best settings and FPS that I can for what the price of what I get is worth for the boost and future proofing.
Thank you for all help and opinions
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  1. Imo,
    P67 or z68 Mobo with a 2500k and a good cooler, matched faster ram and then possibly the ssd,
    a mechanical drive will always drop your wei score, but as benchmarks go, wei is about as much use as xxx (insert ironic phrase)
    How do you have 9Gb btw? seems a strange mix to have, 4Gb is plenty for gaming atm, (6Gb if your on a triplechannel mobo ofc)
    you may be better offf reposting this in the homebuild section after filling in this
    then we have a better idea of things, :)
  2. ty and as the 9GB like I said its the MB outta my old xps 9000 they installed the ram in the 6 slots as follows . 2,1,2,1,2,1 total 9
  3. I saw the 2,1,2,1,2,1 bit, brain didnt figure it was the ram sizes hehe
    All same speed? if theres some lower speed, all ram will only run at the lower speed
  4. yes all the same speed ram 1066 dells mb dont support higher just like they dont support sata III or overclocking lol
  5. Well apart from my original lineup, I'd say put your potential build on homebuild side, see what people throw up for you, and there are stickies at the top with suggested budget builds too
  6. Ty for the info and tips...
    Is a i5 2500k faster then my i7 920? I know the 2500k is alot newer...

    ty again
  7. the 2500k is the gaming chip at the moment, and they slaughter the old i7's as far as I'm aware, Amd have nothing to compete with them unless bulldozers turn out to be as good as some hope,
  8. ty for the info :)
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