What to upgrade?

Hello folks!

I'm feeling the itch and I feel like updating something.

My current system:

Intel i5 660 @ 3.33 Ghz
GeForce GTS 250
7200 rpm Western Digital HDD

I'm thinking either the video card or maybe getting a 120 GB SSD.

My current CPU is still relatively decent isn't it?
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    yeah your CPU is still fairly decent, but if youre going to upgrade your video card then what resolution are you going to be playing at and also do you have windows vista or 7 to take advantage of DX 11. If youve got windows vista or 7 then maybe buy something along the lines of a radeon HD 6870 or gtx 560ti (dont know which camp youre a fan of haha) Also what PSU do you have because that must be compatible with the new card, and if you have a crossfire ready motherboard (any motherboard with 2 PCI-express x16 slots) then id go with the 6870 and buy a second one somewhere down the line.
  2. My monitor runs at 1920 x 1080 and I've got Windows 7 installed. For my PSU, I've got a OCZ StealthXStream 600W.

    My mobo does have 2 PCI-express x8/x8 slots but getting two video cards would be too expensive an option for me.

    I'm actually thinking of getting an 5870 or equivalent, something in the $250 (CDN) price range or so.
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