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Asus sabertooth p67 REV 3 TUF with I5 2500K overheating

Last response: in Systems
April 2, 2011 2:56:49 AM

I am having the same heating issues. I've tried the X method of applying thermal paste to the CPU and covering it with a thin film method. One thing that stands out to me is the stock HS. The copper center is smaller then the proc. When removing the paste from the HS it was clear the copper is raised higher then the surrounding area. Any ideas

In addition I have downloaded realtemp and it is reporting between 30C and 70C from idle to prime 95 100% load. This range sounds safe but what about the temp the bios is reporting? Bios reports from a cold load 50C and continues to rise. pcalert software (bundled with MB) reports 127C and tried to shut down the cpu.
Does the paste require cure time? Its arctic silver 5.
What is this "burn in" process I hear about?
If you need more system info please ask

Now I'm seeing the temp hit 90C under prime 95 but the very second I hit stop, realtemp drops the temps by 30C.
April 2, 2011 11:07:06 PM

One thing I've read when it comes to this is to take the motherboard out of your case before mounting your heat sink. Verify that all 4 clips for the heat sink look right from the bottom. Eyeball it from the side (your mobo might make this impossible). Also when reapplying the thermal paste, clean off both surfaces with alcohol. It sounds to me like the small glob in the center is most effective, or make sure you use the line method recommended by AS5 instructions. If you spread it yourself it can create air pockets that get huge when compressed. I noticed your socket is surrounded by capacitors. If your heat sink is as much as lightly touching one, I'd assume the cap is preventing your heat sink from seating properly. A bit of a long shot, but make sure your processor sits level. I don't have anything to base this next one on, but is it possible the actual dye is not properly contacting the metal cover? May need to RMA the proc. My money is on the heat sink not mounting properly. That's all I got.
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April 3, 2011 2:03:28 AM

Well I ended up getting an after market cooler. This thing was exceedingly hard to get clipped down even with the board removed. This thing is applying alot of pressure on the cpu.
New test results show a top temp of 50C and idle is the same at 30C
Fixed. Thank you for the input.
April 8, 2011 3:40:02 AM

Cool I'm glad that's all it was.
April 8, 2011 5:26:43 AM

I have the Sabertooth with a Hyper 212+ and my bios temps are around 42C (I've seen as low as 22C at idle with HWmonitor). Glad you went with an aftermarket HSF....