No internet. Baffling circumstances.

Okay, we have tried everything.
we have no internet. Unless we hardwire everything direct, or use specific linksys wireless via USB cards.

Coaxle to Modem
Modem to D-Link Router.
From router, hooked up to 32 port switch, which provides entire store with internet. Have tested all cables. They work perfectly.

in order to conenct to the internet, we have to be coming straight of the modem.
We have replaced the modem twice.
Replaced the Router 3 times.

If we want t connect wirelessly, we have to run an ipconfig/release, ipconfig/renew
every time, and that takes forever, even on fast computers. We are at wits end. What can we do next?
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  1. More info,
    Time Warner has come out twice, and we've spent countless hours on the phone, for them to tell us every time we call, that we are working, and they can see which websites we are trying to access. But, it doesnt come through here. Everything says unable to access... This is getting ever so frustrating
  2. New update, when diagnosing the issue on any computer using windows 7\vista.
    It says cannot communicate with DNS server (
  3. Have you set your DNS server or is it set to obtain automatically?
  4. Verify you are getting an IP address.
    Ping your Router (if you have one in place).
    -If you have a router, log into the router to verify you are getting a public IP address.
    If you do not have a router, verify your computer is getting the public IP address. Try to ping a website and/or the DNS servers.

    If this doesn't work, your ISP may be locking your MAC address. This is based on the fact that you state only a certain USB NIC works.
  5. alright I will check this out today.

    will be back later with reply.
  6. Sounds like the issue with the router, have you replaced it with the same model each time? How many computers are you attaching to it? If more than a few, is the router model made for home or business use?

    Have you by-passed your switch and connected right to the router to see if things work that way? Is the switch a "smart" one that you can configure each port? You may have different subnets setup on the system. Does ipconfig on the computers show the correct IP info for your network on all the systems?
  7. You may also want to consider using the "MAC address clone" option of the router. You may be looking at a situation where TWC is only allowing a certain MAC address to access its network.

    Also, as in DSL modems, is there an option to "bridge" control to your router instead of the modem?
  8. copy, I will try these when I go into the shop. We have been using improvised internet for the past 5 weeks. It's been terrible.
  9. peuge said:
    Have you set your DNS server or is it set to obtain automatically?


    If you do ipconfig /all at a command prompt, please paste the results. Also can you ping: the router, the cable modem, an IP address on the internet by ip.
  10. I can almost guarentee you that it is the router
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