12 Short beeps - Power error?

I have a GA-890FXA-UD5 rev 2.0 board, it is sending out 12 short beeps. This is whats listed in the manual:

1 short: System boots successfully
2 short: CMOS setting error
1 long, 1 short: Memory or motherboard error
1 long, 2 short: Monitor or graphics card error
1 long, 3 short: Keyboard error
1 long, 9 short: BIOS ROM error
Continuous long beeps: Graphics card not inserted properly
Continuous short beeps: Power error

I assume my code is the last one listed, so what does that mean? I have ruled out my PSU/VGA/HDD.

Thank you
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  1. What PSU are you using exactly? And might as well list your system speces.

    I'm going to guess and say it is indeed a power error, but could be a combo of other problems. Is your memory on the supported list from the mobo manufacturer? Are you using and i7 processor with an underpowered PSU?
  2. Turns out it was my ram, boot up just fine when i took out 1 stick of ram, and now it works with both sticks again..so weird but it works now.
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