How much power required?


I Have a Intel core i 3 pc with ATI Casing and with 19" Slim monitor. How much power in Wait require to run this pc.

And 1 empire = how much wait.

Thanks in Advance
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  1. You have not given enough information to answer your question.

    The type of case and monitor have nothing to do with how much power your PC needs. The monitor plugs into the wall not your PC. The case does not need power. The fans in the case do.
    There is no brand of case called "ATI."

    I think a translation program was used to ask this question and I think it failed badly.
  2. depending on you video card and how many video cards you are using.

    if you use one video card, 650W should be a safe choice.

    when using two video cards, 850W should be a good choice.
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