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HD 4850 @ 1920x1080 problems

I decided to get a 24" 1920x1080 monitor and i'm currently using a ATI Radeon HD4850, but i plugged in and it has a one a half inch black border around it and when i go to set my resolution in ATI's CCC the maximum is 1680x1050? :/ also it wont leave me play 50% percent of my games like metro 2033 :/ i changed the overscan to 0% and it gives me a full screen but when i open a game it resets this and may or may not play the game? any ideas?

The monitor is a Hanns G HH241, it it comes to it i'll go back to my1680x1050 monitor.
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    Have you tried the auto-adjust button on the monitor (if there is one). Perhaps 1920x1080 isn't supported by the HD4850, or at least your version.
  2. Thanks for the advice, but i solved the problem, i just changed it from dvi to vga with a vag to dvi adpater on one end :/ i dont see how this would affectit but it solved all the problems anyway :)

    Thanks Brian.
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