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I got a question
Does my i7 950 @ stock clock (3.06) voltage seem high?

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  1. 3.06 is your speed. 1.33 is the cpu vcore, which is normal.
  2. Also my temps in idle are @ 29-31 C (CPU temp, not core temp, see link above for full temps) they have increased by a few degrees, but thats probably from dust buildup in my rad. They used to be 27 c an now they are 30 to 31 c.
  3. I see people with overclocks @ 4+ ghz with voltages that are the same or lower. Intel says that up to 1.375 it's normal on stock. But I am at stock speed with 1.3 v. Did I get a bad chip or something?
  4. No. Every cpu and motherboard has varying voltage readings, and the readings change with eist (speedstep) to reduce energy consumption. The lower the default voltage, the better. If you have deep pockets and want to change cpus, go ahead. But you will probably be wasting your money.
  5. Noooo!!! I know that every chip is different, but if mine is fine than I am not spending $$$$$. I'm not even Ocing it now. I'm gonna buy a gtx 570, so I'm not gonna spend on a CPU. Thanks o1die
  6. The lower default voltage gives you some room to bump it up if you want to try overclocking. Not every chip will run stable at 4 ghz.
  7. If my CPU is fine than I'll leave it like it is, but I'm about to get a GPU, what is better the hd 6870 in crossfire or gtx560 ti in sli. I know the gtx has a slight edge, but it uses more power. Would you say that I can fit 2 gtx 560 ti on a 750 watt corsair? Like 2 gainward phantoms (1 gb version). Some say you can some say you can't. So what would you say? Also is gainward a good company?

    Sorry it's a bit off topic :)
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