Adding Security to a Shared Network Connection

I'm working on a job site in rural Kansas and need some assistance with our network hook up. To start with I'm proficient with computers, networks and general tech issues, however I don't do any of it by trade and so I may ask some dumb questions.

I was chosen as the one to set this up for my company because, and I quote, "Well you're young so you can do anything with computers right."... Yeah something like that.

Anyway, this is what we have. There are two companies on site who will be sharing an internet connection, mine and our contractor. The contractor is taking the lead on getting phone and internet hooked up, so it will be hooked up and running to their job trailer.

We have fiber coming into into a box in the contractors job trailer. About 11 cat-5 cables come out of that box (the box itself was looked by the phone company so I can't see inside). 10 of those cat-5 run to a pass through mounted in that trailer, which will be used to run wired connections through out the trailer.

The remaining cat-5 is run directly to a D-Link wireless router. The router currently doesn't have any encryption because the contractor wants it open for anyone on the job to connect to it. There really is very little risk of anyone else connecting since the job site is 5 miles from the closest house or business.

And that is where the contractors control ends. We get a very strong signal in our job trailer and connect to the internet via the wireless connection. Everything works smooth and fast on our end, but there are two issues.

One is that we will be getting network printers and a couple of servers in our job trailer that will need a wired connection.

Two is that I am concerned with security on my companies end. We have a lot of proprietary information on our computers and will have even more on our servers when they are set up. I'm not worried about external sources piggybacking on the wireless, but more about securing our data and connection from our contractor and/or other subs who will be using the connection.

So finally to my question: What can I do to get 1) a wired connection and 2) security for my companies computers? It would be great if I could use a witless bridge or something to set up a separate wired/wireless network that I can control and setup encryption on in our trailer and then connect to the WiFi. I don't know enough about AP's and bridges to know if they can do this, or what hardware/software I need to do this.
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  1. Two options that come to my mind:

    1) take a network cable (max length 300 ft.) and run it from the current router over to your trailer. Get your own router which LAN IP you will need to change to, and setup the wireless security with your own network name.

    2) take two routers one you will configure as a wireless repeater/bridge and the other one you configure the same way as mentioned in option 1.

    should you need more network ports for hard wiring more printers and computers just connect a switch via network cable.
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