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I'm about to set up a raid 0 w/ OS on separate HDD. Going to do a fresh install of Win7. Now what do i need to do in order to transfer certain games and programs with their settings intact onto the new drive? Specifically Logitechs G-Key profile, World of Warcraft and WoWmatrix are the ones im concerned about. I really don't want to go thru that whole mess again. I have the files for them all backed up but i know that some components can be buried in weird places and moving these files doesn't always mean they will just work on a new sys. Should i just reload the programs and look for certain settings files within the main files that i can replace on the new sys? Which ones? Any help appreciated.
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    Problem is sometimes games/programs use registry keys to store info such as the location of such and such relevant file etc.. and it can be a pain backing up the correct keys. However I think WoW does not use any of that (I've been able to copy it on two computers from a single install without a hitch), I don't know about WoWmatrix or G-Key. I'd personally just copy WoW and WoWmatrix directly, and reinstall G-Key properly - better not take any chances since you're going for a fresh install.

    ... just looked at my own registry for WoW - you'll definitely be fine, it only stores last logged in account & various stuff related to error checking. WoW doesn't add anything beyond its own folder & registry btw in case you're wondering.
  2. Try using Win 7 Windows Easy Transfer and perform a custom selection of files to backup and restore to the new installation.

    Many links but try this for a general approach.
  3. Last ime i did that many things did not work correctly. Including WoW, Wowmatrix, Realtek Audio drivers, all Adobe programs. Doesn't always work like it should. I'll try moving WoW over from backup and see what happens. How do you check to see if a program is complete in 1 file or spread all over?
  4. Typically by experience - but if you really want to be sure you can monitor the setup application and the program itself and see what it is writing on the hard drive and where - but it's time-consuming. There is software out there that does that, but I don't have a name or link handy. Windows 7 easy transfer is pretty self explanatory and essentially preserves your files while reinstalling the OS, you might want to take a look at it - seems like the best solution imo.

    Obviously, Realtek drivers (and drivers in general) are likely not going to work from a backup - these need to be installed as they nest stuff deep into your system. Adobe is known for intense DRM which prevents people from copying their programs easily to and from a backup.
  5. K thanks guys. Just did a clean install and can't get NVIDIA and XFX drivers working correctlly. Scrapped the install all reformatted. Think i tried to many brand new drivers. Sys didn't like something. These things are so picky. PCs r bipolar i think. Here's to better luck next time.
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  7. I finally finished the setup. I really hate these wonderful machines.
    So I found most things it was best to just reinstall from the latest softwear online and redo the settings. Time suckage but it's better than the time suckage of troubleshooting incompatable software setups. Moved WoW over and worked great...except my trackball programmed keystrokes didnt work in the game. They worked before but not now. Long story short i had to reinstall WoW in order to get them back. I saved the WTF folder and the Interface folder from the old WoW folder and replaced the ones in the new WoW install after it finished configuring itself and all my settings and addons were back to just as i left them. Matter of fact for some unknown moving those old files back in was the only thing that started my setpoint trackball buttons to working again. Absolutely no clue on that 1. WoWmatrix worked perfect as the exception to the rule; no install needed.
    Had to manually install 62 Win7 updates that refused to configure. Not sure why but i did it manually several at a time from oldest to latest. I figured sinse they were outa order in the list maybe newer ones had no platform to load onto cause older 1 had not been installed 1st or something. Not sure if thats why. Any thoughts?
    Shutoff and restart your PC between large driver installs for similar reasons.
    Thanks all who answered. Took me 5 frigin days but i knew little of the OS install, less of HD install and nada about RAID install. If i can do it you can do it. Ask alot of questions and watch allot of videos. Read read read.
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