PC TO LCD via HDMI (ati 4850)

Hello, I'm having trouble connecting my pc to my LCD 32 via HDMI. I have an ATI 4850 HD, with a dvi output. I use an dvi to hdmi adapter that came with the graphic card. All i gett is a grainy looking picture. It only gets a little better if 1280X768 resolution is set. Can anybody help?Also, I do not get any sound.
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  1. How does it look when connecting the monitor thru DVI?
  2. Hi, thank you very much for replying.
    To begin with, the image displayed does not cover the whole monitor area, leaving some sort of black frame on the sides. Secondly, it looks sort of "grainy" as though there was something wrong with the resolution (and here I have tried plenty of different resolutions). Overall, what bothers me the most is that it does not look as much as a computer monitor as I had expected.
  3. Use CCC to adjust the screen to fill the monitor. Once you do that, and set the proper resolution for what the monitor supports, it should fix your issues.
  4. Ok, I'll try that. Thank you very much for your time.
  5. jaguarskx said:
    How does it look when connecting the monitor thru DVI?

    Hi, how are you? Actually it loooks amazing. I have a Viewsonic 22' lcd montior, and it works like a dream with my ati 4850. the problem begins once I want to connect my computer to the my LCD TV.
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