Best Budget Aircooling Case

hi guys,

just a quick question for you.

I've currently got a CM Elite 330 case. It's alright for the money but has bits that let it down such as the flimsy power button which has already broken once before.
I'm in the market for a new case that will fit my current setup well, preferably for under £50, but I can stretch a little, say by £20 or so.

Basically I'm looking for anything within that price range that has the best aircooling possible and will fit my stuff. I'm not that fussy about aesthetics or anything.

main specs:

asus engtx280
m3a ucc mainboard
powercool 850W
4GB G-skill ripjaws DDR3 1600
CM hyper TX3 cooler /w one 92mm fan (soon to be two fans)

cheers guys! :)
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  1. I would suggest you to look into Sentey Black Box series. It's a new brand but they have good reputation and a huge bang for ur buck.
  2. The CM HAF 912 plus will be great for your needs.
  3. Antec Illusion is the budget choice;..... 902 V3 if the money is there.
  4. As Emperus said, CM HAF 912 Plus is one of the best choices you can choice. It has excellent airflow and really nice cable management features, plus more good stuffs. Check out this review : "".
  5. Emperus said:
    The CM HAF 912 plus will be great for your needs.

    ^ +1

    And its pretty nice looking, well built, and very well cooled as standard. All for £60 with delivery

    Material Case Body: Steel / Front bezel: Plastic and mesh

    Dimension (W / H / D) Main unit: 230 x 480 x 496 mm / 9.1 x 18.9 x 19.5 inch (with stand)

    Weight Net: 8.45 kg / 18.6 lbs

    M/B Type Micro-ATX / ATX

    5.25" Drive Bay 4 Exposed (one could be converted to 3.5” bay)

    3.5" Drive Bay 1 Exposed ( converted from 5.25” bay) / 6 Hidden

    I/O Panel USB 2.0 x 2, e-SATA x1,Audio x 1, Mic x 1

    Expansion Slots 7+1

    Cooling System Front: 200 mm red LED fan x 1, 700RPM,19dBA (can be swapped for two 120mm fans)
    Top: 200 mm black fan x 1 (optional ; can be swapped for two 120mm fans)
    Rear: 120 mm black fan x 1, 1200 RPM, 17 dBA
    Side:120/140 mm fan x 1 (optional)

    Power Supply Bottom –mounted / ATX PS2 / EPS 12V

    2.5"/3.5"- SATA HDD Drive Bay 4 Hidden (two converted from 3.5” bay)
  6. cmade my decision. the CM HAF 912 looks ideal, and a good price too.

    cheers guys :)
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