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Hi-I am new to setting up a Firebox and don't want to pay the $300 or more to purchase a support agreement. Here's the situation: I have a Firebox Edge Hardware Firewall X20e. and want to run my wireless network from it. In other words, I will run from my cable modem to the Firebox, and from my Firebox to a DLink wireless router. The address range in the router is Default gateway to the router is, as you might suspect. Since I am new to setting up a Firebox, I need to know where to start. I do have drop-in mode available in the firmware...I may not need it. Can anyone help me, hopefully with a step-by-step? The wireless also needs to be able to "pass-through" and have access to the Internet. I have tried optional network setup, trusted, etc. Can anyone help? I also want to have the Firebox not respond to PING requests from the Internet (on the EXTERNAL network) and be able to keep port 48372 open on TCP and UDP. I know this is asking a lot, but I really do need help. Thanks!
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  1. Is this for home or business us?

    If you are using this hardware firewall, you will have to create rules for the firewall settings.

    I tried finding a manual online to see what type of OS and filtering system it is using; however, there only seems to be a quick starter guide be available.

    The Dlink router should be good enough for regular home and small office use. It will be able to block PING requests, too.

    It would help to know which DLink you have to further assist you.
  2. This is for home use, but I like the idea of added security online. I had an AlphaShield Hardware Firewall but it cut my throughput on my connection by two-thirds. In testing this (without adding the DLink wireless router) there was no slowing of my connection due to the packet filtering of the Firebox. I have studied the online help of the Firebox Watchguard community but there is no scenario quite like mine, as they want THEIR wireless systems sold. My DLink is a DIR 615, latest firmare.
  3. turn off your DHCP on the DLink and set you the internal IP address (Default Gateway) to match the Firebox one. is the default for the Firebox; therefore, set it to

    set a password for the DLink Admin and Wireless.

    Then connect the firebox to any of the DLink ports but do not use the WLAN port.
    This way you are using the DLink as a Switch/Wireless Access Point.

    now see if you can connect via wireless
  4. O.K. - I follow you so far...thanks for the direction. However, I have wireless clients that connect to the DLink and they are all using dynamic IP addresses-as well as one I use for work that also connects using dynamic IP. If I disable the DHCP on the DLink, they won't be able to connect wirelessly unless they are all given static addresses, right? I need the ability to use DHCP on the DLink but not necessarily on the Firebox. The Firebox also has "drop-in" mode which allows for no changes to the computers connected to the network. Also, I do know in "drop-in" mode that you have to configure a static IP for all of the interfaces(trusted, optional, etc)of the Firebox. Sooooooooooo anyway, will my wireless clients that are setup for dynamic IP addresses be able to connect to the DLink? What will I need to do to remedy it, and can I do something on the Firebox end to allow for the DLink to continue to use DHCP for the computers routed through it? Thank you for all of your help!!
  5. I thought your Firebox would have DHCP enabled
  6. It is-but I CAN disable it. I just need the DHCP on the DLINK more than I would on the Firebox since I want to drop it into the existing configuration. Any ideas, and thanks for your help!
  7. Sorry-I did see in the DLink where I can change its IP address.....
  8. The DHCP from the firebox will be transmitted through the DLink router. Therefore, you should be able to pick up an IP on the wireless.

    Only one DHCP should be active at any given time.

    If you really want the DLink router to act as a DHCP provide us with the model.
  9. I have the DLink DIR-615 router. I see where I can change the DLink IP address to whatever I want, as opposed to the standard If I configure the Firebox in drop in mode, do I change the IP address of the DLINK to Or do I keep it the same and use mixed mode and specify a HOST or ROUTE? Sorry for my blatant inexperience....I appreciate all of the help and direction. The reaso I would like the DLINK to be used for DHCP, etc., as it is already set up for Port forwarding.
  10. I did try the method emerald described, and was able to get the wireless to connect to the network and negotiate an ip address via DHCP on the Firebox, but I was unable to access any Internet resources. I changed my IP address on the OPTIONAL network on the Firebox to to match the DLINK router, and disable DHCP on the DLINK as well. I would still like to try to have the DHCP ENABLED on the DLINK (which is plugged into the OPTIONAL network port of the FIREBOX) and I could disable DHCP on the OPTIONAL network to see if that would work. However, I would still have DHCP enabled on the TRUSTED network of the FIREBOX....and I can't have two DHCP servers at one time-even if they are on separate nets, right? Perhaps I need to switch nets and plug the DLINK into the TRUSTED interface of the FIREBOX and change the IP address of the DLINK to as suggested, but I thought I would try OPTIONAL interface first. Again, thank you for all of your help.
  11. I looked at the manual, and I cannot see a way to have the DLink router connected to the Firebox and use the DLink DHCP.

    If the DLink DHCP is activated and the Firebox DHCP deactivated, the network will try to send all traffic to Gateway and out the DLink WLAN port.
    However (Gateway Firebox) is the address the traffic needs to go to. There is no setting in the DLink to configure a optional Gateway.
  12. I gotcha-I will disable DHCP on the DLINK. Can you direct me as to how to get the Firebox to route Internet traffic to the OPTIONAL looks as if the FIREBOX is assigning addresses to the wireless clients attached to the DLINK but I cannot get traffic from the INTERNET to pass through to it.
  13. I don't know enough about the firebox but it should work in the same mode than connecting a computer directly to the firebox.

    Just look at the router as a regular network switch which should not require the OPTIONAL network setting.
  14. I got it to work for me now-thank you sooooovery much! One last question; I would like to forward TCP-UDP traffic from PORT 48372 to an IP address on the FIREBOX (, Can you point me in the right direction as to how to do that for my bit Torrent client?
  15. i am not re about the right syntax for the Firebox RULE set but it should read something like this:

    redirect from anywhere (TCP, UDP) on the Incomming Interface/IP PORT 48372 to PORT 48372

    Hope this will help
  16. It did-set up and working well. The only problem I have now is that the DLINK will "lose" connection with the FIREBOX and I have to reboot it or unplug it to recycle. I can only guess is that when and if it loses its lease on the DHCP server it need to attain a new one and the only way it can is by acquiring again from the FIREBOX. Any ideas?
  17. I am still having issues with the wireless DLINK will stop communicating with the FIREBOX after an undetermined period of time. I have extended the lease time on the FIREBOX to 1 year, but still it persists. Any ideas of where I should look next. I have to reset my DLINK to re-establish a connection....sometimes unplugging the CAT5 cable as well.
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