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My computer starts and it stops a few seconds later. The fan starts and it lights up but it has no BIOS. The monitor does not display and if I turn it off and on it says no signal. When it stops it can either turn off and then on again - fans and LEDs - or it can stay on after the first restart but show no signal still. I got advice that it may be the motherboard, however it should be noted that this situation began after I added a lamp to my power strip. But I tested it through removing power demands and nothing happened.

Is this due to a MB? If so I need to get advice about buying another.

It is set up through a P5Q Pro, LGA 775, and I am very satisfied with it up to now as I got it to be a long term computer and it has lasted a long time. Buying another may not be wise though because they are still about as much cash now. What is the best of the LGA775 chipsets if I do not get a CPU?

What do I need to fill a similar role now, a board and CPU to last a long time at around $200 per component like the P5Q Pro and e8400 did? Will I need to get RAM as it used Dual-channel DDR2 1200/1066/800/667 MHz? I want it to run at a pretty good power efficiency and temperature. Also it should have a way to use a custom BIOS loading screen like the P5Q Pro. Do I need a new type of plug in the energy supply for any newer boards? What chipset is the newest ver5sion to use DDR2 RAM?
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  1. I should note that the video card has a red light if the power cables are not connected to it and that indicator came on while the computer was rebooting itself repeatedly.

    Evidence of power issues not a MB?
  2. Your best bet would to get a budget board and the best cpu. I either a FX 6100 or a i5. The i5 is above your budget but the i3 isn't really an upgrade unless you consider power consumption. Your probably going to have to adjust to to 250 not 200 if you want the i5.
  3. 200 per component, will you overclock?
  4. Reviews I look at are very positive about i5 in general. Similar to e8400's dominance of reviews and price to performance.

    200 approximately, so it can do the price requirement.

    I prefer not to use OC, in fact I UC my GPU.
  5. There is a lot of hype that the AMD architecture is bad and intel's latest is good. Is it accurate?
  6. That said if I can only improve the e8400 with a chip that expensive perhaps I should just buy another of the same LGA 775s and keep the e8400 and $300?

    My performance is fine so the only reason I may want to upgrade is that I may need to upgrade the CPU anyway because it HAS had overheating problems recently because it had a fan and heatsink not fastened and shutdown at 99c. That may be why I am receiving these shutdowns.

    Ok, compared them, and I may want to stick with an e8400 if the improvement is that tiny.

    Is this for real to find that the scores are so similar?

    Nearly any CPU has a graphics chip embedded now, so is there a way to use it for any task if I have a GPU? Is it better to pay a bit more for a processor with no graphics embedded?
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