CUDA with MSI GTX 460 1GB Hawk


I am owner of the hawk gtx 460 which have cuda technology however to use your cuda (if you work in adobe premiere )with this card you should hack adobe premiere to add your card to the supported graphic cards that can utilize cuda in premiere..
for tutorial check this link:

However i am not sure if this works... in the settings in adobe premire idd it says that the mercury engine acceleration is enabled.. but monitoring my gpu usage with after burner while rendering says that the GPU is not used at all.. actually sometimes it goes from 0-4% gpu usage but thats all.. while the cpu is used around 90% all the time as well the RAM.

Can someone give me more information on this? i really need to be sure if premiere takes advantage of the cuda technology

gtx 460 hawk 1gb
2x 4gb dominator 1600mhz
i5 760 quad core
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  1. Try this

    Open a project

    Select Project Settings

    Select General

    If Rendering and Playback shows software rendering simply change it to hardware.
  2. thanks m8 however i think i said that in my original post above...
    idd is set to hardware but whenever i render and i monitor my GPU usage it does not using it at all.. actually i have only noticed one bump from 0 to 4% gpu usage..

    so is the cuda used ? despite the gpu is at 0% usage at that time?
  3. Hmm I was not sure if you had tried to select hardware playback, only that you had done the hack.

    What you could do to check, is run gpusniffer.exe in the Premiere folder. Look at one of the last lines of text that will be shown, that will tell you if it actually uses your video card for CUDA or not.
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