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Which RAM would work on my motherboard?

Guys can u recommend a RAM for this motherboard- Intel DG41RQI Motherboard..

The specs of the motherboard are here-

I read some stuff about RAM like Latency. pin configuration, DIMM, DDR3..what are these stuff? these things are confusing me so i am asking which config wud run on my mobo..And do pls explain these things so dat nxt time i can choose for myself..

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    First of all latency refers to delays in transmitting data between the CPU and SDRAM. It is better to have s smaller latency value (denoted as CL). The main difference between DRR,DRR2 or DRR3 is the notch position on the ram slot. That's why a DRR3 ram slot will never fit on a DRR2 motherboard. Furthermore, DDR2 and DDR3 are improvements on the same technology and further increase the number of data transfers per clock cycle. DDR2 RAM provides 4 data transfers per cycle, while DDR3 increases the number to 8. Finally, pin configuration comes with the difference between the type of DDR slot. For example, a DRR3 will have a different pin configuration from a DRR2 slot. Pin configuration is not an important subject to worry about.

    Hope this helps!
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