Realtek hd audio front panel not working IN XP!!!!!!

im running on A HP pavillion a1450n with windows media center edition 2005 and my front panel jacks arent working. I cant do the BIOS fix since I dont have ANYTHING that says ac97, or realtek hs audio, but there was onboard audio, and I enabled it and it still didn't work. I updated the driver from the realtek website, and my usual fix was to rollback the driver, and that works, but I want to use it on the NEW drivers. And I have jack detection enabled, and also, the rear inputs say they're connected even if I have them all unplugged, and It's not showing the front blue panel, like there's no icon for the front panel line in. I had the same problem before and my other fix was to disable & then re-enable realtek hd audio. but that doesnt work. and as stated before I have the LATEST version of realtek hd audio (for XP)on my older driver version it worked, but on the new driver it doesnt!and also I've been able to fix this before so its not the soundcard being bad or broken or whatever. AND also, it makes that popping noise when you plug in the heaphones, but realtek still doesn't detect the headphones, and
I have the front green in on the volume mixer UNmuted, and vol all the way up.
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  1. why would you want to use the new drivers if they dont work and the new ones do?
  2. Hi,

    I had a similar issue on my old set-up. In my bios there was an option for the type of output for the front audio ports. It had Stereo or HD quality. When I set it to Stereo it worked like a dream. This may not fix your issue but I hope it does.
  3. Open the Audio Manager. Find a small yellow folder icon at the top right, even under the Advanced Settings of the device. Click on it. Choose between the front of the survey ... It 'been there all the time
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