Upgrading my current system

My current rig:

Motherboard: ASUS M4A87TD-USB3
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T @ 2.8Ghz
RAM: 8 GB DDR3 @ 1333Mhz
GPU: Nvidia GTX 460 OC 1Gb

I am thinking of making my system SLI by replacing the mainboard and add another GTX 460. Will my CPU bottleneck my whole system even if I OC it to around 3.6Ghz and put the RAM to 1600Mhz?

Also, I am replacing my hard drive since my current Western Digital Black starts to give out high pitch noise. Anyone can recommend me a good drive that provide gaming performance and quiet?
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  1. Keep the MB you have.... if you install a new motherboard you may NOT be able to reload your operating system (hey, sometimes you can reload but Win 7 often will Not allow your to reload with "substantially different hardware"....)

    Sell the GTX 460 and get a more powerful single card, a GTX 570 will do if you an NVidia fan....

    OR, get a 6950 or 6970...

    NOTE: dual cards will require a beefy power supply AND will create a Lot more heat inside your case to deal with.....

    So Dual card:
    - new power supply
    - new OS
    - new MB
    - second 460

    New Single card:
    - GTX 570
    - minus the money you eBay the 460 for ....
  2. Too many people under estimate the importance of a strong, quality power supply. Choose one from Corsair, Antec TP, or Seasonic...
    650watts will work for any single GPU system.
    850Watts will work for all but the highest end dual GPU systems.

    NOTE: I'm running SLI Hawk Talon Attacks, the system draws 700watts when under full load (FurMark & Prime95) a bit less when gaming.....
  3. The system is being feed by a 750W Antec TruePower so two Gfx card won't be a problem.

    I don't have any trouble reinstall the OS at all. Done that hundred times already. Most of the time I do gaming at 1920x1200 resolution so I figured a SLI setup would boost my framerate a bit. But if a single card can give me over 60 fps with games like Crysis 2 then I might lean toward a single card setup instead. It does cost less if I sell my current GPU :D

    Anyway, What kind of harddrive should be quiet but strong enough for gaming performance? I am looking at the Samsung F3. Reading the benchmarks it should performs on par my my current WD Black.
  4. The WD Black has a 5 year warranty, just RMA it for a NEW DRIVE..... (Free is good. The drive will have a date on it if you don't have the receipt...)

    I'm running WD Blue and WD Black both are very quiet... (and I'm very picky about noise....)

    Hey, even the New WD Raptor 10K RPM drives don't whine. Ah, they are a bit louder than the Blacks thou..... (but FAST as hell....)

    BTW, that IS a good supply and would do SLI 460's or ah nice GTX 580 too....

    It's not trouble some to reload the OS, but, if it's Win 7 OEM you my find the license key is locked to your old hardware. Hey, I changed MB from and ASUS LX to and ASUS PRO, almost identical, and it would NOT allow me to reuse the key. Not automatically. Not off the 800 number. I had to waste 2 hours with the support team a Microsoft on the phone before I could "talk them into" resetting the key so I could re-use it.....
  5. Oh yeah. I am leaning toward a single GPU setup now. Looks like a single ATI Radeon 6950 2GB will give me comparatively good performance as a SLI GTX 460 at 1920x1200. It's also the cheaper choice O.o Maybe I ll hold off my urge for SLI and get this card and maybe plan for a crossfire setup later in the future when Bulldozer comes out.
  6. Read up on the 6950 on the net a bit. Many folks are Re-Flashing the BIOS on the GPU to unlock the full power of a 6970... for FREE !!

    Check out TechPowerUp or such sites.....
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