Problem installing motherboard drivers


So I bought a new computer and started installing the required drivers.

I have Intel desktop board DH61CR and a dvd for the drivers. The first time I tried installing, the installation failed on a few elements and succeeded on others and it finally crashed and exited when it started installing the penultimate element.

After that every time I tried installing again it wouldn't load the dvd.

Also, on the first attempt of installation, it asked me if I want to use auto logon to windows (I have win xp home) so I wrote a name and password. Now every time I start my PC before the welcome screen I get this wrong password/name combination with a really annoying sound. I just cancel it and log in by clicking on the account (no password). How do I eliminate this "feature"? Auto-logon is already turned off... It has something to do with this motherboard thing, I suppose.

The computer seems to work normally anyway. :o

Yes, that's two questions. :)

If somebody knows... thanks.
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  1. do you have internet connection on that pc?
    if yes go to intel's webside and download the newest drivers
  2. Yes.

    I went on the site and used Intel® driver update utility.

    Only this is of note:

    Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility (Chipset INF)
    Current Version Installed
    This version is valid.

    Now, if I search manually for the motherboard's drivers I wouldn't know what to install.. It lists a lot of of BIOS updates and various drivers. What if it's already been installed?
  3. Does anyone know what could be the problem?
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