Hi need some help with components :D

Hi (sorry not sure where to post this)

Ok im planning to get a system but im looking to buy this build :

750 watt corsair TX

HD 6950 2gb

I5 2500k

Asus p8p67 pro

transcend jetram 4gb RAM

Coolermaster 690 chasis

Samsung F2 3.5 " 500 gb HDD 5400 rpm

Acer 21.5" LED 12000000 :1

My question is the GPU im planning to get looks like this

Is this card efficient and flashable?
Im planning to flash it but not soon more in the mere future

Please tell me your opinions on this build
I live in South Africa so prices are slightly higher than international prices from New Egg and Amazon

Thank you :D
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  1. The parts look great!

    See if you can change the Corsair TX-750 PSU to the Corsair HX-750. The HX-750 is modular.
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