Need help with my new PC....

Hello,today i have bought myself some new components and after assembling them my PC just won't boot up,it turns on the CPU and the GPU fans are spinning,sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly, but it won't beep.

These are the components i put in:

MB: Elitegroup H6IH2-M2
CPU: Intel Core i5 2500k
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 Ti
RAM: 4 GB DDR Patriot and 2 GB DDR 3 Patriot

Thank you in advance.
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  1. you cant mix ddr and ddr3 ram, unless that was a typo. Try using just the 2gb ddr 3 stick. Also, what power supply are you using
  2. Hi,

    The first thing I would do would be to reseat all cards, memory, and cables to be sure nothing is loose. Also, make sure that you plugged in the 6 pin power cables into the 560 TI or else it will not work. If it still will not boot, disconnect/remove all peripherals and drives, and only leave the processor (and its fan), 1 stick of Ram, and the video card installed and see if it will POST. If it does not, try another stick of RAM or try a different RAM slot to rule out bad ram. If it still will not POST, I would try an old video card if you have one or onboard video if your motherboard has it to rule out the video card. If it still will not post, try another power supply if you have one to test to rule that out. Where you just got a new processor, it may be worth it to reinstall it in case it is not seated correctly. If the machine does POST successfully with the minimal boot, then reconnect/install 1 more piece of hardware and try again. If it fails with a particular piece of hardware, you will know that it is the cause of the No Boot fault you are getting.
  3. I suspect it is my PSU, i don't remember what brand it is or how much power it got and the sticker does not show any brand but it was really cheap, so what PSU would you recommend me? Of course it should have a reasonable price.

    Edit:I'm so stupid i could not see the PSU brand cause the PC case was hiding the whole label, the brand is Blueberry PSB 520, and it's 520 W strong, hence it's too week for my components.
  4. This one would be perfect..reliable, efficient, great brand..has just a bit more juice than you need, but not over-kill at all, and best of all, its $10 off til 3-12, and has a $20 rebate on top. It ends up being cheaper than their 500 watt builders series for the next few days anyways
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