How to connect cables for Radeon HD 6950

Hello, I am very new to building a desktop. I am trying to connect the power supply cable to the video card;however, it has 2 of 2x3 slots thing and 1 psu cable is 2x3, so would I need to use 2 power supply cables to fill in all the holes/slots?
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  1. Usually, PCI-Express video cards have a 2x3 connector. You are supposed to have a 2x3 cable on your PSU. What is the model of your video card?
  2. Most important is you need 2 x 6 pin pcie connectors for that gpu.
    What psu do you have?
    Most good quality psu's come with them.
    Unfortunately some entry level and mainstream psu's only come with one pcie 6pin connector.
    You may need something like this.
  3. I just got an Asus 6950. It came with the linked adapter cable in the box in case it was needed. Check your packaging.
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