Should I go with e-350 or ION for HTPC?

Also, will this case do?
This seems to be the case with the lowest PSU.
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  1. mosox said:

    Huh? I want a mini-itx PC not atx... I wanted to ask two questions:
    1. ION system or e-350?
    2. will a 65watts case do?
  2. Oops, I've put some other link for the case
  3. I'd get the e350. if you are adding an SSD, the 65W PSU will manage. I'd suggest at least an 80W

    the Antec you linked with a 150 should be fine
  4. My concern was that 150w would make a louder noise than the 60w case - reason why I'd like to stick with the 60w, but if you don't think so I'll go with the 150w.
  5. shouldn't be too noisy
  6. May1, welcome to the HTPC crowd here at Tom's.

    I think I can give you the most detailed insight to your question. I recently built an E-350 system using the twin brother to the case you are looking at (ISK 310-150) AND I have a kill-a-watt meter hooked up to it.

    My case has the 150W PSU. It draws a max of 59.1W while running Prime95 and Furmark simultaneously, which is more stressful than anything it will ever see in real use. I have the case fully loaded:

    Asus E35M1-I Deluxe
    1x 2.5" 5400rpm HDD
    1x 2.5" SSD
    1x blu-ray drive
    1x TV tuner
    2x sticks DDR3-1333 RAM
    2x 80mm fans

    Using a picoPSU will result in a bit lower wattage draw because they are so much more efficient than standard PSU's (the bundled 150W isn't even 80+ rated). The 65W bundled ISK PSU does not have a fan, but the 150W bundled ISK PSU does have a fan. I can give you some subjective ratings on PSU fan noise if you want. The bundled 80mm case fan I can't comment on... I didn't use it.

    Anyway, check the link in my sig for full details on the build, including power consumption.
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