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EVGA mobo question

I am planning to buy this motherboard The $279 EVGA for 3-Way SLI....
My question is...Will an Asus Xonar Exsense soundcard fit properly in the PCI Ex1 slot.It looks like it might bump up against that grey piece with the EVGA logo on it.
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  1. You are right, it will interfere with the grey part.

    I would suggest that you call EVGA at 888-881-3842 or 714-528-4500 and ask them about this.

    I have called them in similar situations and at all times their support was great!
  2. Any other mobos that I could go 3-way SLI with..but still have a PCI Ex1 slot for soundcard?..I have a couple options for SLI..but I would rather run 3-way SLI
  3. Here are their current mobos:

    What chipset do you want to stay with?

    (Two years ago, I upgraded from an X-58 SLI to an X-58 Classified).
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    I know it is not EVGA, but there should be clearance between GPUs 1&2 for a sound card in the 1x slot
  5. Moving up the the SB-E 2011 boards look like they have a lot more space for things like you are looking for. Plus it opens you up to PCIe3 for the GTX600 cards coming out later this month, as well as potential for a 4th GPU... you know... for when 3 is not enough :)
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  7. CaedenV said:
    I know it is not EVGA, but there should be clearance between GPUs 1&2 for a sound card in the 1x slot

    I am using a Gigabyte X58A-UD9 at the moment with an I-7 980x..3-way SLI GTX 480's..but I have many left over parts and hard drives from building computers over the last 3 years.That Evga Motherboard is just insane.I am sure it's a beast but I realized when I spent $1,000 on my 980x that I didn't need that type of chip for the stuff I do.The I-7 2700k is enough for my budget.I appreciate the help.If I do decide to get a 2011chip/ will be once they issue more boards and hopefully iron out the issues.
  8. glad I could help :)
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