EAX1650XT dead?

I just reinstald the widows XP sp3 on my computer, finished the driver installs and I was angry because te Smart Doc. didn't saw the sensors, and the fan was spinning with 100% and loud. I tried atitool and riva tuner to see if I can change the fan speed, nothing there. I turned to RaBit to try to make the fan changes from the Bios, it could,t flashit. At that time the PC was ok, besides the loud fan. I stoped working and shut down the PC. Next start.... THERE IS NO NEXT START !!! Since then, no signal on my monitor, it seems everithing is working besides the grap. card? My card is dead??? PC: Athlon 3800+, M2N-E, 2G Ram, EAX1650XT, Sata 80 G
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  1. Verify there is not dust in the Pci-e slot. and try again..
  2. Verified, no dust... thanks for the tip ! Still dead :(
    Any other idea ?
  3. Jump your cmos sounds like you might have made a wrong change in the bios. Then make sure in the bios the system fan is set to automatic. Open catalyst and make sure the fan controls are set to auto as well. Let me know if you can get it to post.
  4. I already cleared the MB Cmos, still nothing; I have no idea how to clear the Cmos on the graphic card. Anybody?
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