Wireless network running slow, struggaling need advice!

Hi been occuring a problem for about a week or so now, my router which is connected to an apple mac and also used for wireless to 2 laptops has failed to work properly due some unknown problem i cannot seem to find out, i have let the router been off for about half an hour and then went to try to use my laptop and cannot load pages properly, as for the same with the apple mac is running slow, im studying at college for a national dipolma level 3 in ict and have a broad knowledge in PC's although i cannot figure the remedy for this problem. I have an unsecure wifi connection which i cannot secure because the apple mac will not let me connect after entering the digits. Please if someone can help id be gratfull and could try to somehow return the favour. Josh.
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  1. I would make sure to get it secured. I know you said you been unable to but I would try to fix that before going further.

    First thing to do is to start over fresh. Either restore your router back to factory default or do a complete reset (hold the reset button for 15secs, while still holding reset unplug it for another 15secs, then plug it back in and release after 5 to 10 secs). May take one or two times to totally reset it.

    Second thing is to set it up to the wired computer. Once you can get back into the router admin settings try to set up security. Set up WPA or WEP (whichever one you prefer) save the settings and restart your computer. If still cannot get connected try disabling your connection and then renable. If still can not get online try another security setting (If you tried WEP before try WPA). The last step I would try is to uninstall your network driver and reinstall with most current drivers. Make sure the settings are at its default.

    If you can get it secured then go ahead and connect other devices. If not go ahead and just turn off wireless and see if your speeds on your mac is normal. If not bypass your router and go from the modem directely to mac and then check speeds. If still slow try speeds switch out mac with one of the laptops. If still slow contact your internet provider.
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