Is a xeon 1156 compatible with any 1156 motherboard

hello, i am looking to upgrade my pc's motherboard and processor

i like the idea of a intel xeon as it is for a server and the socket is 1156, and i can find plenty of 1156 motherboards but none f them list this processor just i5/i7, so what i would like to know is will a xeon 1156 processor work with a 1156 motherboard????
please help!!
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  1. The Rule of thumb is to check with the motherboard manufacturer to see if they have added support for that processor on the board. In many cases you wouldn’t be able to use an Intel® Xeon® processor on the board unless the motherboard maker enables that processor on the board. For Intel desktop boards we don’t offer any support for Intel Xeon’s on them; however on a number of our entry level server boards we will offer some support for Intel Core™ i3’s and maybe an Intel Pentium® processors. On the Intel Server board S3420GPLX (which uses socket 1156) you can see the supported processors here or with the new Intel Server board S1200BTL (socket 1155) you can see the supported processors here

    Overall it would be a much better investment if you are looking for a gaming computer to look at a P67 or Z68 board and an Intel Core i5-2500K.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. Quote:
    i would reccommend the Xeon E7 LGA1567 series if you are planning to go for a xeon. No point going for a previous generation LGA1156 Xeon. (unless you already have the LGA1156 mobo). may i ask what your uses for the PC are?

    i am going to use the computer as a server
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