Need advice on video card with 2 HDMI for Graphics applications

Im setting up a box to work with graphics applications mostly.
I wanna run two 24 inch monitors out of it and get the best out of graphics applications such as Photoshop, Premiere
and Flash. Crunching video is a must and it seems like cuda does a pretty good job at it, as Adobe has a new architecture for the CS5 family.

The coolest and noiseless possible.

I'd appreciate some suggestions.


Eder Waine
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  1. Why the HDMI connectors?
  2. Thinner cables?
    Audio and video?
    Less parts by dismissing adapters?

    I havent had time to be on top of graphics cards hardware for a while but I know this is the right place to ask questions.
    If you know any advantages of DVI over HDMI, please tell me and I'll consider

    Im open to suggestions.

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