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How do I hide the Xlan window from startup

I have no idea what I need the Xlan window for and it annoys me every time i restart the computer to go manually make it go away.

How do I change it?
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    That i know of, you can't. I just deleted it. It doesn't seem to do much, to me anyways.
  2. How do I delete it?
  3. Control Panel
    -Uninstall a Program
    Scroll down until you find XFast LAN v6.61
    Click on it, then click Uninstall

    That's it
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  5. If you want it to run in the background but not appear upon startup, right click the XFast icon in the system tray, and choose: Windows Settings -> [your network adapter name] -> Auto-Open/Auto-Hideto untick the last option.
    Now the program will run but not show on your desktop when you start.
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