Which manufacturer for gtx 570?

I decided to get the gtx 570 for my new computer, but I'm not quite sure which manufacturer I should choose. As I'm in Europe, the price of different designs can vary greatly, so here is an overview of the cards I picked out.

I'll provide the links to the website I'll be using, as I didn't find all the cards in newegg, but the site is in german. I'll convert the prices to dollars, still what matters most are the price differences.

Gainward reference model:


I'll be using this as a baseline for comparison. It costs 430$. All comparisons refer to this initial price.

Asus reference design (slightly factory oc) and Sparkle cost about 6$ more.


Gainward GLH (factory oc model) costs 16$ more.


Finally the Evga reference design costs 20$ more


So with which card do you think should I go? Is the gainward a good deal, or should I pay a little extra for the extended warranty of the other brands (and maybe good reputation?). Should I get the GLH edition, at least for the better cooling (I don't think that I'll be pushing the cards to close to their limits so the oc won't probably make a big difference)

Please not that I quite like the idea of the lifetime warranty, as I could use the card in a second computer even if I choose to replace it after 3-4 years, but the price difference with the Evga one is quite big.

I think sparkle also has the same warranty, but their site seems a bit... basic to me, so I don't know what their customer support will be like.

Thank you very much for your time and advice.

P.S. I don't intend to OC my card manually if it's not already factory overclocked
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  1. I'd go with the evga, but that's generally what I've always gone with for Nvidia products and they are by far the best and easiest company to work with as far as customer service goes.
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