Is this specs can run nfs hot pursuit

intel penitum dual core 1.6ghz ,1mb l2 cache i dont know the processor no this is the specs of the processor ..2 gb ddr2 ram 800mhz ..1gb xfx 9500gt ddr2..mobo is gigabyte pci-e supports x16 but runs @x4....400watts mercury power supply ..i want to run nfs hot pursuit atleast at low seetings without lag thats all i need .. i want to play without any 20-25fps..if i have this specs can i run nfs ..becuase i used pentium d 940 processor which is 3ghz i cannot even play the game i was getting only pls tell whether i can run the game with this processor without lag..
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  1. Not very well. The 9500 GT is a low end video card also
  2. just tell whether it can run it at 20fps constanly
  3. The 9500 GT should be fine for medium settings. It needs 8800 GT as recommended.,1815.html?prod%5B3635%5D=on&prod%5B3629%5D=on

    I can't find a 9500 GT but the 9600 GT is close. You should be able to play it on medium settings.

    But a GPU upgrade would not hurt at all since thats what is holding it back the most.
  4. is processor is ok coz the min requiremnts is core2duo 1.8ghz is dual core 1.6ghz os ok later i will overclock to 1.8ghz
  5. u can easily overclock it to 2ghz....
  6. Man I haven't played Hot Persuit since like 1998, is there a new version out? I would love to drive the ItalDesign Schigera (sp?) again!! Man that brings back some memories, me and my son had some awesome races together and I swear he was on a Pentium 1 box and my rig was a Pentium Pro.
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