System power stuck on/auto restarts - help please!

Hey, new guy and I've been working on this literally all night between trial/error and looking online (thank you second computer). Not even sure if this is system or hardware error. Basically though, if I give the computer power, it turns on and if I try to shut down, it'll restart and I've been unable to figure this out.

I upgraded my board from Intel DP55KG to a DX58SO, the CPU from an 870 to 950 and the system was working fine before the new board/cpu. I've gone to Intel's site and used their automatic updater thing to find updates for my BIOS and audio and installed them, but that didn't seem to fix the problem (though I didn't clear out the old BIOS, would that matter?). I've found a few tips from odd ones like "reboot 3 times over while making sure nothing is running" to "clean shutdown" where I stop all non Microsoft services from starting up and a couple other things and none seem to have helped so far.

I'm also not sure if I set up two of the cords right either though. I have an Alienware P2 Chassis for the case. There is a yellow cord that the crappy manual I have for it doesn't list what it is. I'm assuming thats the HD Audio cord though as it's connector is the only one with no pin 8 and so the only board component it fits into is the HD Audio.

The other is I'm unsure if I'm hooking up the Front Panel wires correctly. <--front panel pin layout <-- Mobo layout <-- Front Panel pin descriptions

The only three pins I have left to hook up (and yeah, just three seperate pins, I'm sure I'm not missing any and it worked fine with the DP55KG) is a Power LED (+), a Power LED (-) and a H.D.D. LED (-). From testing it seems the only way the PC will turn on and stay on (not just turn on for a few moments) is by having the HDD LED hooked into pin 6, while the other two seem only to be for the lights (and apparently not too picky on what pins they are plugged into).

Diagram wise I have nothing connected at all to HH (S/PIDF), DD (Back Panel CIR Emitter - output), CC (Front Panel CIR Emitter - Input), BB (alternate front panel Power LED), T (not labeled and not sure myself >.< ), and one of the W slots (USB). I don't think I need anything hooked into any of those though, but thought I'd list them just to be safe.

As far as my system goes, I have Win7 x64 on that computer and that is up to date too.

Sorry this is long, but I just don't want to miss out on any possible info that could be useful in resolving this issue.

EDIT: While on, holding down the power button doesn't seem to put it into it's shutdown procedure like it should either. I don't know if this is because wiring is wrong somewhere, or if this is just due to the fact that the system won't shut down unless I turn the power supply off. Thought it may be good to mention though.
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    It sounds like you hooked up your front panel wrong. Just find your manual, make sure the - goes in the - vice versa. After that is fixed it should start up and shutdown properly.
  2. Sweet. Any suggestions what cable I should put into what pin on the mobo?

    I tried to contact Intel on this and all they told me was that all the cables I mentioned (Power LED +, Power LED -, HDD LED -) should only be used for LEDs and should not be used for actual power since they aren't power switch cables.

    Sadly, those are the only things I got with my tower, and they worked fine on my old DP55KG. Wish I was smart and wrote down how I had them plugged into my old board so I wouldn't have this problem right now :/
  3. Nevermind. I did a thorough look through of my PC and behind the motherboard found the missing Power cable. I really feel like a newb now. But either way, the computer is working as it should now >.<

    Thanks Joe.
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