Do i have the option of upgrading my HP's graphics card and PSU?

Hey guys as the thread title says, do i have the option of upgrading my HP's graphics card and PSU? My pc model is a HP Pavilion I'm looking to upgrade to a graphics card that would let me be able to play the latest games at high/medium for the next 2 years.
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  1. Your gonna be limited by your CPU for a lot of newer games, especially if you want to play at higher detail. The bad part is you can't overclock the CPU either. I wouldn't buy anything over a 5770/460 if your going to use it with the processor.

    As far as a psu goes, it looks standard size, but I'd do some googling around to see if anyone has commented on swapping out the PSUs. Generally the pre-fab systems aren't very mod friendly.
  2. How much would a good CPU cost me? and what cpu should i buy if i wanted to upgrade it?
  3. It's not worth the money to put a new cpu in ur comp. you'd spend way more and you'd be better off toughing it out on ur system and saving to build a new one.
  4. I agree, time to build a new system.
  5. I would but i wont have enough money to build a new system for years. Sigh, Might as well stick to console gaming its cheaper.
  6. Buy a ATI 5670 or 5770, with this you will have better graphics than in any console, and there aren´t so expensive, arround 80 -100 $ would be enough for you.
    Could you tell us the complete specs of your system ? .
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