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I'm pretty sure this is a stupid question, but will the >>COUGAR CMX1000 1000W Gaming Modular PSU 80+ Bronze(Europe design) << work in Australia ???

and be usable by all Australian parts??

Links to umart don't work, but if you go to you will find it easy enough.
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  1. It is not stupid to ask when in doubt. Anyway, the Cougar CMX 1000 has a 110V-240V input compatibility. This it will work anywhere in the world including Australia. Nothing to worry about.
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    With the correct AC power cable, for the country that the power supply is being used in, the power supply's Automatic AC Input Voltage Detection will handle it just fine.

    I don't know what you mean by "usable by all Australian parts", but the output connectors all conform to the ATX12V standard which has been adopted worldwide.
  3. thank you, forget about that Australian parts, part lol.
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