Asus M3A32-MVP WiFi/AP no monitor input

Hey everyone,

So this is my kinda new system which was built on an extremely tight budget cos' I'm broke...

Asus M3A32-MVP wifi edition
AMD Phenom x3 8600
Arctic Cooling Freezer7 Pro Rev.2
2x samsung 512mb pc6400 dimms
2x corsair 512mb pc pc4200 dimms
700w psu - cooler master i think
2x LG Supermulti's IDE/PATA
1x hitachi deskstar 82.3gb 7200rpm sata
1x wd caviar blue 80gb 7200rpm sata
1x seagate barracuda 80gb 7200rpm sata
Palit HD4870 512mb gddr5 sonic dual edition
HIS HD4850 1gb gddr3 'fan' edition
All in an old HP Pavillion 8415 case

Some parts are new, others are recycled from previous computers. I have installed all of the above parts and when I press the power button to switch on my computer, the fans, hdds and DVD drives spin up and the lights appear on and working. The only problem is that there is no display input on my IBM CRT monitor. It is connected to the Palit HD4870 via a vga cable. Can anyone help me out with this problem?
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  1. You have 2 graphics cards installed?
  2. Yes, I have a HD4870 in slot 1 and a HD4850 in slot 3. There is one crossfire bridge connecting them.
  3. Have you tried it with just the HD4850 or the 4870 installed?
  4. Hey guys, nevermind about it. The issue was fixed by removing all of the ram sticks and leaving only 1 in the 1st slot. Still testing to see which one of them was the problem :)
  5. Thanks for the update. Good luck!
  6. It seems like I now have another issue here. Whenever I boot up, there is no display but everything seems fine. Then when I turn it off and on again, it works but it says something like 'previous boot unsuccessful, load defaults...'. I set all my BIOS settings back to the default/manufacturer setting and I still receive that message everytime. This means that my BIOS settings must be reset everytime I want to boot!! I have cleared the BIOS memory and still no luck. Any other suggestions?
  7. All problems solved.
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