Ok so im having issues, i have windows 7 and comcast wireless internet, my route

ok so im having issues, i have windows 7 and comcast wireless internet, my router is upstairs but i still have all 5 bars down stairs. i get online and about 5 times in one hour my internet connection gets lost, and i have to wait about 2 minutes and it comes back on. i dont know why. ive tried putting my ipv4 address in the propterties of my internet thingy and it didnt help. it just randonmly cuts in and out. can anyone help me?!
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  1. The problem could be several different things.

    The 5 bars is the connection strength to the router and not the internet. It sounds like your router is resetting itself. A few things can be causing this to happen.

    Is your router secured? If not make sure to set up security.

    How many people are on your router? If you can shut your computer off and use another for a few hours and see if it does it still. If not shut down the others and try yours for a few hours. Can then be certain its not a computer issue.

    If you know how go into your router and get the reading. The return should be below 55. (I have seen some push 59 on average but its very bad on the equipment). Also the noise level (SNR) should be above 30 (again this number can vary but the higher the SNR the better)

    If you are still having issues and the readings look good call your provider and confirm you can go to the local office and switch out the router (alot faster). If the readings look bad call for a service tech to come out and fix the lines.

    Be aware that if you have moved the router to a different cable outlet that it can cause problems. Modems need the best routes and when installed properly should not be moved without changing splitter configuation.

    Another good thing to do is if it used to work fine and you have recentely added something to any cable outlet that you have installed it properly. A bad cable, tv, or another device in a bedroom can cause spikes in the SNR that can kick you off
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