Old computer wont start up

i have an old computer that is approx 12 years old, that up to yesterday was working completly fine. i got another old one that had a cpu that would fit the other one. so naturally i put that one into the one i originally had. and now the computer refuses to start up. i get a light on the ethernet port which tells me that the problem isnt the power supply, and ive tried unplugging pretty much every single cord or cable in the computer but still no luck. i know the computer is on its last legs, but i dont see how it would just die all of a sudden with a new cpu.

asus cusi-m rev 1.03 motherboard
socket 370 cpu (old cpu was 800mhz celeron and new one is 1.1ghz celeron
512mb pc133 ram
60gb hdd with windows me
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  1. please close this thread problem solved.
  2. effindrongoc said:
    please close this thread problem solved.

    Hi there,

    Can u post your solution to the problem,

    as it may help to some one with same issue : ))
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