Question about Gigabyte iRAM ramdisk?

So a few months back, I was surfing on the Internet and first discovered what a ramdisk is. Now, about a week ago, I found this old Gigabyte product:

I thought it was a pretty cool product because it allows you to make a ramdisk without using up any of your system's current ram. Do they still make products like this? If they do, where can I find them? If not, why did they stop?
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  1. You can still find used ones but, the only one that makes anything similar is "ACard" its pritty cool, but it still uses DDR 2 which is getting more costly than DDR 3. It can take up to 32GB DDR 2 but, it costs as much as a new motherboard that can hold 64 - 128GB's of DDR 3.
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