Graphics Card for Dell Inspiron 530 w/300 watt PSU

Hi everyone. I'm looking for recommendations for a 1 GB graphics card for my 2-3 yr old Dell Inspiron 530 (not the slim one). My power supply is only 300 watt and I'd rather not replace it. I don't play many games - just want to upgrade the graphics to work better with my monitor and for light gaming.

Here are the specs on my Dell Inspiron 530:

CPU: Upgraded to Intel Duo Core E8400
Memory: 3 GB DDR2 PC2-5300 (240 pin)
Power: 300 w
Current graphics: Intel graphics media accelerator G33/G31 Express chipset with max graphics memory of 286 MB

I'd like to get something under $85 if possible that is very easy to install and won't require me to upgrade the power supply.

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  1. The best card would be a HD5670. It only uses about 52 watts of power in gaming and doesn't need an additional power plug, just the PCIe socket.

    It uses substantially less power then this rig shown in this article.

    The price is right at your budget line. I'd get the DDR5 version, not the DDR3 one.

    or Jaguars choice if 512 is ok with you (it should be )
  2. Hi jaguarskx. Do you think the Sapphire HD5670 with 512MB would be a better choice than the Sapphire Radeon HD4650 1 GB?
  3. Hi Dirtmountain. What is the difference between a DDR5 and a DDR3 or DDR2 version?

  4. DDR5 is faster then DDR3 and substantially faster then DDR2, all will work fine in your PC. If you're playing at a screen resolution of 1680X1050 or lower, the 512MB would be fine i'd only go with the 1GB if i was using 1920X1080 or higher.
  5. Thanks so much, Dirtmountain!
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