ASrock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 - PWRLED Header/s?

Hi all, I'm just setting up my new build and have a question that I can't seem to find the answer to.

On my New ASrock Z68 Ext7 G3 MoBo, there are 2 PWRLED headers and I don't know if I should be using both of them or not?
One is grouped with the other Front Panel 9pin connectors, and is a 2pin PLED header.

The other is a separate 3pin PowerLED header that has 2+positive pins & 1-negative pin.

My problem is that I have no front case system panel leds working.

I have tried connecting both of them separately, and still nothing.

I only have 1 PLED two wire white&green connector for this on my case so I don't know what I should do?

If anyone knows whats going on with this, I would appreciate your advice very much!

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  1. Is your PLED wire 2 pin or 3 pin with one out (usually the middle one)?
    In the link you sent, I downloaded the first manual, and on page 13 it shows the location of the PLED lead you should use (Number 20).
    Than on page 45 is has a close up. If you have a 3 'pin' wire, use all 3. If only 2 pin wire, use the right 2. One is positive, one negative, so if it doesn't work one way, turn it around (usually green and white, I believe white goes to negative, I may be wrong).
  2. Thanks for your help, I only have a 2 wire PLED connector on a 3pin plug with a green and white wire. And yes, the middle one is empty.

    I figured it out though, My connectors were marked backwards, as well as placed wrongly. So I just carefully moved the green wire on the PLED connector over 1 place to the empty slot, so it would be next to the white wire on the plug so I could then fit it properly to the front panel header on my main board.

    Now everything is working fine!

    They really should have mentioned that you can use either the 3pin header if your case has a 3pin wire, or if you only have a 2pin case wire you will have to modify that {Female} pin location on the plug, so that +&- are next to each other and will fit correctly on the regular system front panel header on the main board.
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